Tweed is an interesting woven fabric from Scotland and England. It has been used around the world by the rich and the poor. It seems that tweed never goes out of style.

I find that the music I love is a lot like tweed. It is a woven mixture of folk, blues, country, mountain music, rock, a blend of sounds that weave together to tell stories, to soothe the heart and to inspire.

My first Tweed album is a collection of songs and sounds I wrote from the early 1990’s through recent years. They were written in Savannah, GA, Dallas, TX, and Colorado Springs, CO. The songs were recorded in my small home studio where I layered all the tracks over the years. Being the only musician on the recordings, it is truly a garage or basement band.

Hopefully there will be more Tweed to come! Enjoy!

– Harley Ihm