Song Stories

  1. Capernaum – I was preaching in Savannah, Georgia. A friend, Mike Micca, started a band and called it Capernaum. He asked me to write a theme song for their Christian band. I did the research and found out that it was at Capernaum where Jesus turned up the thermostat on the people. He told them that unless they ate His flesh and drank His blood they had no part of Him. The people were only coming along for what they could get. Capernaum was the point where Jesus told them it was time to see how serious they really were about following Him. This song was the result of that study for Mike.
  2. Sellin’ Out – deals with the truth about how easy it is to sell out to our own wants and desires rather than staying faithful to the Lord. Our wants haunt us and call us to follow them. It is a war that is so easily lost if we are not careful.
  3. Light at the End of the Tunnel – I was living in Dallas and there seemed to be a flood of books and movies about seeing a bright light at death. It alarmed me how many people took these as complete truth. There is only one truth about life after death and there is only one light anyone can see and that light is Jesus.
  4. Is Different Bad? – This song came about when a very close friend had a serious disagreement with me and expected me to agree with them. They seemed to think that we should all think alike unless there was an issue we needed to address. It was simply a difference in our way of thinking. Neither of us was wrong, we just had different ways of approaching life. God made us different for a reason. This conflict created this song.
  5. How Many Thorns? – I wrote this when I lived in Savannah, Georgia. We all have times when we feel like we have given everything and yet along comes another problem we have to work through. Is it ever over? How many thorns, how many problems to I have to work through before I am seen as faithful. This song was the answer to my frustration.
  6. Red Light Green Light – How many times do you see people running through yellow lights only to end up running a red light. We are warned but we refuse to slow down. That is true behind the wheel of a car but also true behind the wheel of our morals and ethics.
  7. Take Me Back – This story is true in all relationships from our sweetheart to our relationship with the Lord. There is a fire that is so exciting it is difficult when life moves on and we can’t seem to embrace that fire once again. The important thing is to never give up the search for the fire of true love.
  8. One Way Ride – Faith is like buying a one way ticked. I should have no desire to return. I have decided on my destination and I refuse to go back to where I came from.
  9. The Greatest Thing I was planting a church in Monroe, Wisconsin. An elderly couple, Ken and Beulah Kinsey were part of the small group who were committed to being the nucleus of the new church. Beulah had to go in for surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I realized her and Ken would be there all alone. I set out about 2 in the morning to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to surprise them. I arrived before them and was waiting when they pulled up to the hospital. They were totally surprised as I hoped they would be. As I was driving to the hospital that morning, the stars were out and I began to think about he fun it would be surprising them and making sure they knew how much they were loved. Blessing them was a great opportunity. I was praising God for that opportunity and hoped they were blown away. Then I realized that as exciting as that was, nothing could compare the day God looks at me and says, “Well done.” This song was a twilight blessing to me on the trip.
  10. The Bridge I wrote this while I lived in Colorado Springs. I was thinking about the paths people walk hoping they have a great life. Yet, if there is not a bridge leading to our Creator, there is no path that will take us anywhere. It is as if we are only going in circles until we find the bridge that Jesus alone can provide.
  11. Any Better Than This I have written a few songs over the years for my wife Dana, the love of my life. This one was written in Pueblo, Colorado, as I was thinking one day how very special she has been to my life. I would not be who I am today if God had not sent her into my life. People often think the grass is greener somewhere else after a few years of marriage. This song is my love letter letting her know that I could never find another to compare to her.
  12. Hey Now Death – I had a great friend who faced death with a joy that could not be explained by human standards. He was only 27, married to his childhood sweetheart and had 2 children. He was facing death with an excitement about what the Lord had done for him and how he was about to meet him face to face. That was the seed that gave birth to this song about faith in the face of illness.
  13. Your Possession When I lived in Dallas, my friends, Bruce and Rodney and I put on a yearly teen convention called, “Escape”. Our band was playing and the them that year was the joy of being the Lord Jesus’ possession. I wrote this song to be the teen convention theme song that year.